ACE for Talent

Raise Money

Turn all your social media followers and fans in to real investors in your future.

Be Independent

You control how much money you want to raise.  Accept or deny investments.  Pick or choose who invests.  Avoid predatory contracts.

Move with Speed

Sign up and start fundraising fast.  Complete the paperwork, and immediately use invested money for your creativity. 

ACE for Investors

Smartly Invest

Invest in the artists, entertainers, and influencers you know & love.

Invest with Confidence

Invest through a secured, streamlined platform with a secondary market to buy, sell, and trade on.

Grow Wealth

Invest for the long term or short term.  Spot and support growth-stage talent.  Buy low, and sell high.  Invest and trade from anywhere, anytime.

ACE for Investors

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Giving the Talent back The Power

We believe fans, the community, and investors are more interested in artists, athletes, entertainers, and influencers they follow, know, and love than publicly-traded companies or the stock market.


At the same time, we all know rising artists, entertainers, and influencers often do not have easy access to financial support, quickly enabling them to fairly compete and reach success quickly. 


Unfortunately there was no secured, streamlined process for fans and communities to invest in emerging talent and earn returns on commercial success...until now. Welcome to ACE.  




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