What is the Artist Crowdfund Exchange?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

What is Crowdfunding, and how does it work? Find out everything you need to know about the Artist Crowdfund Exchange right here.

This is the Artist Crowdfund Exchange

Every beginning is tough, but this is especially true for the entertainment industry in 2020. If we have learned anything from this turbulent year, it’s that we are only as strong as the community around us.

This is why the Artist Crowdfund Exchange (ACE) has introduced a platform dedicated to helping talented individuals around the world realize their potential despite their financial situation.

We firmly believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to showcase and share their talent, no matter your background, color, religion, location, or economic standing.

Similarly, we understand that investing is a confusing topic for people, irrespective of age, or income. Choosing from equities, insurance, retirement funds, mutual funds – there are so many options out there, how can you tell which is the right one for you?

We at ACE believe in people. We also believe in their talent. Looking back through history, we can see that the most significant milestones and transformations have happened as a result of talented individuals doing something they believe in. Isn’t it logical then to invest in the talent of the future?

This is how ACE was born.

What is Crowdfunding?

What is crowdfunding, and how does it work? Crowdfunding platforms are a way for the community at-large to invest in businesses and ideas for a potential profit or reward, versus on the public stock exchanges or costly private equity plays.

Our unique service allows for talented people to raise money to grow their craft. Who better to support your dreams than the very people who believe in you – your fans.

Going about securing a business investment for your future is notoriously challenging, even when there isn’t a pandemic throwing a spanner in the works. Banks are usually nervous when it comes to lending at the best of times. But ACE is here to change all that.

We strive to make it easier for talent to hit the ground running. When you get listed with ACE, you will have access to a pool of potential investors. Those investors also happen to be the ones rooting for you—your fans.

Want to know if you’re eligible to list with ACE? Any of the following professionals can join the talent pool:

· Actor

· Athlete

· Comedian

· Creator

· Dancer

· Designer

· DJ

· Gamer

· Influencer

· Model

· Musician

· Producer

Our platform helps talented individuals leverage their network by facilitating a vast amount of people to come together and therefore pool small amounts of money, supporting the growth of an idea or person. ACE has made it so fans can invest as little as $1 in you or as much as $1,000,000. The mechanics are the same and the bond is just as strong!

We found that the crowdfunding sector was crying out for fans supporting talent, and ACE was our solution.

The ACE platform helps bridge the gap between fans and talent, with your biggest supporters following you on your journey. Fans have access to the latest news updates, as well as basic stats.

From there, you can show your encouragement by investing financially. This upgrade allows you to do things like buy into investment campaigns, trade talent tokens, and get the latest advanced statistics on your talent.

But, the question remains, does crowdfunding really work? To date, $34 billion is the global amount raised by crowdfunding, with the market projected to virtually triple by 2025. The fact is, thousands of crowdfunding campaigns have been successful, which can only mean that the online world is eager to support valuable talent and ideas.

The advantages of crowdfunding often go far beyond financial aspects, though. One of the most significant benefits of crowdfunding is that it allows talent to enhance visibility and trust. When a campaign is funded by interested individuals, it is likely that others will to buy into the project at hand.

How Does ACE Work?

ACE provides a listing and exchange platform for Talent to offer and sell digital Tokens that represent either Simple Agreement for Future Equity (“Safe”) or common non-voting, non-dividend stock (“Stock”), in their talent company, in effect, shareholding via shareholders. The non-dividend aspect doesn’t require talent to have to pay out profits as earned. The investors are banking on the stock price increasing, and them being able to sell to follow-on investors (the secondary market).

When Talent lists, holds a capital raise (i.e., offers), and ultimately sells Token to Investors on ACE, they’re inviting other people to invest in their pursuit of success by purchasing (subscribing to) Safe(s) or Stock(s), represented by digital Tokens, of the company associated to the Talent. These Tokens are representative of real assets, Safe or Stock managed with smart contracts and maintained on a digital blockchain ledger.

Let’s be honest, navigating your way in traditional investments can be a daunting and intimidating task, particularly when it comes to newcomers. A crowdfunding platform, such as ACE, is a simplified and streamlined process. If you’re an investor, there is no need to spend a vast amount of time scouting talent, sitting in meetings, or sorting through heaps of paperwork.

It’s all there in one platform. Not only is it simple, but it opens up a whole new world of possibilities when compared to the limitations of traditional investments.

Those who invest in the early stages of a talent’s career have the benefit of investing smaller amounts so that the person in question is able to establish themselves. However, you have the ability to get high returns in the future because you invested during the early stages when the danger of their business failing was high.

As a result, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to invest in crowdfunding, particularly in the talent industry. Who wouldn’t want to invest in a young George Clooney or Kate Moss?

No doubt, the landscape of financing and investments is changing dramatically right now, and we at ACE want to be part of that change. Think about it. For decades only the most wealthy people were able to invest in companies. Now, you don’t have to prove yourself, or jump through hoops to be able to invest your money in something you believe in.

Final Word

At ACE, we understand the grueling process that is making a name for yourself in the entertainment industry. Having a vision and not being able to find a way to realize it is one of the biggest challenges, resulting in many people giving up on their dreams and talents.

This is not something we take lightly, which is why ACE has created a crowdfunding platform where you, as the talent, can experience growth and encouragement from a community that wants to see you succeed.

The main difference between us and ‘them’? It's not charity. It's not a gimmick. It's not gambling. ACE is real - just like you and your future!

Your success is, in turn, your fan's success. As your investors, your fans will be there with you every step of the way. For those taking the initiative to invest, you know now that you will be investing in the future talents right from day one.

Not only are you the one to put your money where your mouth is, but you will have double the satisfaction, not only seeing your chosen talent shine but also reap the financial benefits.

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